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Wellness survey shows commitment to health from big brands

180,000 product reformulations have led to a reduction in sugar and sodium.

More than 180,000 consumer products have been reformulated in 2016 by global food and beverage companies, in an attempt to develop healthier food and target the growing trend for wellness and healthy eating.

The report is the latest in the Consumer Good Forum (CGF) Health & Wellness Progress Report, and was compiled based on survey results from both retailers and consumer goods manufacturers.

The 180,000 product reformulations more than doubled from the 2015 number of 84,000 reformulations, showing the greater commitment companies are making to the health of consumers.

The survey was undertaken by companies around the world including Unilever, IGA, McCain and Kellogg’s.

A total of 102 companies contributed to the survey; 48 of those were food and beverage manufacturers.

Not least of the CGF members, Nestlé has also participated in the growing health and wellness movement, recently announcing the UK KitKat would face a recipe change and a reduction in calories.

While sugar and sodium were the most targeted for removal, wholegrains and vitamins were the most common nutrients to be added to food formulations.

The report said that the aim of the CGF board of directors was to support individual company efforts in developing healthier products.

“Measuring our progress is the way for the CGF to show that the industry is contributing to a culture of prevention by introducing products, services, and solutions for healthier employees, consumers and communities around the world,” it said.

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