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P&C specific packaging for Carman’s

After the recent launch of Carman’s Bliss Balls in retail, the Carman’s team has introduced the product in a P&C specific 3-pack.

The larger-sized balls are designed specifically for the impulse market and can easily sit alongside Carman’s range of muesli bars, nut bars, protein bars and oat slice. The new format demonstrates a definite advantage that the range can sit within bars – rather than needing its own dedicated space.

A spokesperson for Carman’s said they believed that both the retail Bliss Balls pouch and the impulse pack should be in P&C to accommodate consumers different needs.

The re-sealable retail pouch has 8 x 10g Bliss Balls, with Carman’s suggesting it as suitable for multiple use or sharing with others, whereas the 3-pack allows the consumer the choice between consuming the pack in its entirety or to consume some now and the rest later.

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