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Nestle ceases production of Marella Jubes

Nestle has ceased production of Marella Jubes in Australia.

The company stopped selling the fruit gums in June 2018, following a decline in consumer demand.

A spokesperson from Nestle said: “We deleted Marella Jubes in June because demand had dwindled as lolly fans have switched their loyalty to other products in our range”.

“We’ve added a number of new products this year, including an Allen’s chocolate range, two new lollies based on iconic Peter’s ice cream brands, and a new fruit and cream lolly after a vote by lolly lovers,” the spokesperson said.

Nestle various ranges launched this year include a limited edition chocolate block ‘Allen’s inspired by Freckles’, which is available exclusively at Coles, ice cream inspired Frosty Fruits and Drumstick lollies available nationwide and the result of a nationwide vote – ‘Allen’s Fruits and Cream Mix’ which includes fan favourite Blackberry and Cream lolly.

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One Response to Nestle ceases production of Marella Jubes

  1. Chris Charles October 10, 2018 at 6:17 am #

    I don’t see how there was a decline in sales. I have been buying them in bulk gor many years. I bought them from Big W where they were always running out, from my local IGA where they were always running out, from my local newsagent where they were always running out. I used to buy them for my staff who wouldvest them during thdvsftrrnon ehdn thry needed an energy boost, I had always a packet in my car. My family all love them as well as my staff.
    I don’t see any of your new range moving, I don’t like them at all.
    Please bring back the Marcellas.

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