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Kronos finds profits lowered by cancelled shifts

Written by Mahlab, used with permission.

New research from Kronos has found that Australian retailers’ profits are being eaten away by workers cancelling their shifts.

Australians are predicted to spend more than $50 billion these holidays, yet 13% of rostered retail hours are wasted, with 7% of hours scheduled but not worked, and 6% worked, but not needed – a big hit to retailers’ bottom line.

The rise of employee absenteeism in Australia means that employers are often left in the lurch during peak times, which according to the research, is when absence rates are at their highest.

More than half of retailers surveyed said managing unplanned absence is one of the organisation’s biggest workforce management challenges.

56% said building work schedules that accurately align with the demands of customers, the business, and employees is one of the most difficult, complex, or times consuming issues.

The majority of respondents admitted to doing a bad job of scheduling staff, regularly finding themselves with either too few or too many staff during peaks and troughs of demand.

87% of global organisations over-schedule or schedule additional labour to cover unplanned absences.

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