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Keep fit with B-fit


In great news for health-conscious Aussies looking to boost their hydration, a new, unique and certified organic beverage has just hit the market.

Plant-based hydration drink B-fit features naturally occurring electrolytes sourced from high quality ingredients and created for those looking for a healthier choice.

Lightly sweetened with pure agave nectar and manuka honey, B-fit harnesses nutrients from coconut water and botanicals and features no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Making it a great choice both for those seeking peak hydration, and those looking for a natural, plant-based beverage.

Leading Australian nutritionist Lee Holmes said hydration is key to keeping to the body functioning at optimum levels and B-fit offers consumers a great way to achieve this.

“Without adequate hydration, fluid balance and temperature are affected, joints and muscles can become inflamed and nutrients cannot be properly delivered,” Ms Holmes said.

“B-fit is the perfect option for anyone seeking a delicious and replenishing drink that ticks many nutritional boxes. With its unique blend of ingredients, it’s a smart choice for aiding performance and supporting energy levels.”

B-fit comes in three flavours: Dragon Fruit, Lemon Lime and Mango and is available now in Caltex stores across Australia, with plans to expand distribution into select grocery stores and gyms in the coming months.


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