7-Eleven announces pop-up fair to celebrate Fairtrade coffee launch

To celebrate the launch of its most sustainable coffee to date, 7-Eleven will create a fairground in Melbourne’s CBD, complete with a 15-metre Ferris wheel, prizes, snacks, entertainment and, of course, free coffee.

Taking place over two days from 12pm Friday, 14 October, the fair is part of 7-Eleven’s broader commitment to the environment and sustainability and celebrates the fact that the retailer is now Australia’s largest certified Fairtrade partner.

“It’s important now more than ever to know where your coffee comes from, and to know it’s traded on fair terms with fair working conditions,” said Julie Laycock, GM of Customer and Insights at 7-Eleven.

“The 80 million cups of coffee that 7-Eleven serve each year will now be 100 per cent Fairtrade certified. This means a more sustainable future for coffee farmers, their communities and our customers,” she said.

In conjunction with the launch, this week 7-Eleven will roll out new plant-based coffee packaging and will offer customers a 50c discount when they bring in their own reusable coffee cups. 

Mike Briers, CEO of Fairtrade, said now that 7-Eleven is the largest Fairtrade certified partner in Australia, customers can enjoy their coffee with a clean conscience.

“Millions of Australians can enjoy their coffee from 7-Eleven stores across the country knowing that the beans in every cup are bought on Fairtrade terms, helping many thousands of farmers, workers and their communities benefit,” he said.

“When choosing Fairtrade coffee, you’re supporting farmers earn a fair income with fair working conditions for a better quality of life. Every coffee purchase also supports farmers to invest in initiatives that benefit their communities, such as growing better quality beans, confronting environmental challenges, and building community infrastructure.”

Staying true to 7-Eleven’s key ideals of speed and convenience, Laycock said: “The quality and convenience of our iconic 7-Eleven freshly ground coffee remains as important today as ever, but our customers are seeking more responsibly sourced and sustainable coffee, expecting us to lead the way.”

As Australia’s second-largest takeaway coffee retailer serving more than 80 million cups of coffee per year, 7-Eleven’s latest initiatives are set to have a positive impact on the environment and lead the way for other convenience retailers.

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