7-Eleven ramps up digital transformation

Customers are set to benefit as 7-Eleven enters strategic partnerships with Adobe and Microsoft to accelerate its ambitious digital transformation.

7-Eleven has been working on its digital strategy for more than 18 months with the aim of simplifying the multi-channel customer experience.

To date, 7-Eleven has launched a new ‘My 7-Eleven’ mobile app, a new website and personalised customer digital experiences.

Stephen Eyears, 7-Eleven’s General Manager of Strategy and Technology, said the company sought to deliver more agile innovation in order to meet customer needs across both physical and digital retail environments. 

“The convenience customer now, but even more so by 2030, expects brands to provide digital channels which complement the physical retail experience,” he said.

“Our technology ambition is all about making our customers’ lives easier by providing products and services when, where and how they want them.”

Jeff Rogut, the outgoing CEO of Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS), said that immersive digital experiences are the future of convenience.

“The advancement of technology has given retailers and customers unlimited opportunity to meaningfully connect, engage and communicate, and this has come into its own in the wake of COVID-19,” he says.

“In response to the hyper-connected consumer, retailers across industries are creating more immersive digital experiences. 

“The developments that we have seen among leading convenience retailers such as 7-Eleven are exciting, and our customers and retailers should continue to be confident in the future of convenience.”

Through Adobe and Microsoft, Eyears said 7-Eleven would be able to leverage ecosystems of products that worked together, reducing the complexity of systems and multiple individual vendors. 

“We’ll have more sophisticated plug and play capability for new innovations, enabling us to continue leading the way in convenience for our customers,” says Eyears.

“We’ll also be able to spin up trials and capture new opportunities much more quickly and deliver personalised value for customers while reducing the impact these innovations can sometimes have on our store teams.

“The way we do business is going to become simpler, easier and much more efficient.” 

Adobe Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Suzanne Steele said: “By building its unique, multi-channel customer journey, enabled across Adobe Experience Manager, Campaign, Analytics, Commerce Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365, the team at 7-Eleven and Adobe Consulting Services (ACS) has gone live with the ‘My 7-Eleven app’ and a new digital front door and website, offering customers personalised digital experiences at scale. 

“And the real excitement for 7-Eleven customers is that we are only just getting started.” 

Microsoft Australia Managing Director Steven Worrall said he was delighted to be partnering with 7-Eleven on its ongoing digital transformation. 

“Creating a single source of truth for the enterprise and providing Power BI to franchisees will deliver unprecedented insights about how the business is performing, right down to store level and where there are opportunities for improvement.” 

Eyears said partners and vendors working together alongside the 7-Eleven team had been key to the ongoing success of its latest transformation.

“Our partners are helping us push the boundaries of what’s possible, setting us up for the next decade.”

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