AACS AGM results

The Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) has appointed two new supplier member directors to the board and appointed office bearers for the coming year at its annual general meeting.

The AACS board comprises both retail member directors and supplier member directors. Under the AACS Constitution all directors having served three years must retire at the AGM and may seek re-election.

This year, there were two vacant positions in the category of supplier member director. Four supplier member representatives – James Lane, Caroline Waite, Richard Jenkins and Phillip Camilleri – offered themselves for election and (as the number of candidates exceeded the number of vacant positions) the successful candidates were selected via an electronic poll conducted between September 22 and October 2, 2015.

James Lane, sales director at Coca-Cola Amatil and Caroline Waite, head of impulse accounts at Frucor Beverages, were elected as AACS supplier member directors. Brett Barclay, program director of the Advantage Group, having not yet served his three-year term, also continues as a supplier member director.

No retail directors were required to resign under the three-year term requirement and therefore Rob Anderson, Chris Andrianopoulos, Steve Cardinale, Peri Hunter, Julie Laycock, Darren Park and Karim Sumar continue as retail member directors of AACS.

Office bearers were elected at the board meeting for the coming year: Rob Anderson of APCO will serve as the AACS Chair, Peri Hunter of BP as Vice Chair, and Julie Laycock of 7-Eleven as Treasurer.

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