Buderim Ginger – Ginger Beer & Pear


Buderim Ginger has just launched its’ award winning Ginger Beer & Pear variant in a 330ml bottle. “With the growing popularity of the range, particularly the Ginger Beer & Pear flavour, we started receiving requests to expand the range from 250ml slimline cans into 330ml glass bottles.” said Group Marketing Manager, Jacqui Price. “We have managed to pique the tastebuds and praise of true ginger beer drinkers with a lot of positive feedback around the flavour which we attribute to our 75 year experience in creating ginger products.”

Distinctive and innovative, Ginger Beer & Pear combines Buderim Ginger’s famous ginger with the zestiness of pear. In February, Buderim’s Ginger Beer & Pear received the Product of the Year award for the Beverage category. Product of the Year is Australia’s largest independent consumer survey of new products, with the brand commanding international credibility championing product innovation in 43 countries around the world. Thousands of Australian household shoppers are surveyed by global research company Nielsen to determine the winners.

Ginger Beer & Pear is part of a range of four unique Ginger Beers, crafted to deliver a flavour hit like no other. Made with only the freshest ginger, they get fresh with your tastebuds and put the zing in everything. The other flavours in the range include Original Ginger Beer with a zesty full-bodied flavour, Ginger Beer & Guarana for an energy kick and Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer sweetened naturally with Stevia. All four products are available in a 250ml slimline can (6 x 4pks / carton), with Ginger Beer & Pear now available in 330ml bottles (12/carton).

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