Cadbury combines two cult favourites into one new block

Cadbury has announced that it will be combining two Australian favourites, the Cadbury Caramilk and Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble into one delightful block.

The new Cadbury Caramilk Marble block has the heavenly blend of milk chocolare and Cadbury Caramilk caramelised white chocolate on the outside and is filled with the hazelnut praline of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble.

Katrina Watson, Senior Marketing Manager for Cadbury Dairy Milk, said the combination of the two cult favourites will create a new taste experience and “excite chocolate lovers across the country”.

“Our chocolate makers have been so excited to work on combining two of our most iconic flavours. We can’t wait to see how Cadbury fans respond when it lands on shelves.”

Cadbury Caramilk Marble will be available around Australia from 12 April at RRP $5.

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