Cadbury’s Freddo campaigns to save endangered frogs

As part of a three-year partnership to help save endangered Australian frogs, Cadbury Freddo will disappear from its iconic purple packaging and be replaced by the Spotted Tree Frog and Northern Corroboree Frog from February.

This is the second year of the Save The Frogs campaign, which so far has donated $600,000 to support Australian and New Zealand zoo and conservation experts on their mission to save the frogs.

This year, the team at Taronga Zoo in Sydney has also joined the ranks alongside Zoos Victoria and Conservation Volunteers Australia to raise funds and awareness.

The funds are being invested in important research and breeding programs, including a brand-new breeding bunker at Healesville Sanctuary that will allow Zoos Victoria to continue its important work fighting extinction.

Taronga is joining with a new frog exhibit at the famous Sydney site to promote awareness of the plight of Australia’s endangered frogs and the work underway to rebuild populations and habitats.

Cadbury’s Marketing Manager, Katrina Watson says the Save the Frogs initiative is an appeal to Australians’ nostalgia for Freddo and passion for our native wildlife.

“While children are curious, adventurous, and inherently passionate about the world around them, we tend to lose this adventurous spirit as we get older,” says Watson.

“This is our opportunity to foster Australians’ passion for the environment and encourage families to continue caring for nature so that these frogs can thrive for generations of adventurous explorers to come.”

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