Carabao making waves

Following its launch into Australia, the ‘worlds fastest growing energy drink’ is receiving great feedback from retailers stocking the product.

Director of The Dunn Group Ben Dunn said: “All of the flavours have sold particularly well with the Apple really surprising me being no.1 at several of our stores, the Sugar-free in Energy for us has traditionally underperformed across all banners however Carabao Sugar-Free has also been a surprise”.

“Feedback from some of our female customers, in particular, is that they prefer the Carabao products specifically for the sugar content,” Mr Dunn said.

“Pricing across all sku’s is in line with competitors pricing but its Carabao’s appetite for promoting their brand with strong in-store support from their team that is refreshing.”

Drakes Category Manager Michael Cameron said: “We have seen steady growth in stores since the product with all flavours and look forward to Carabao look to grow the brand in Australia”

“The strongest point for us is that Carabao is heading down the mainstream sporting partnerships to differentiate from other Energy brands,” Mr Cameron said.

“Another positive point that incentives the sales is the sugar content much less than the other brands and this is a big differential between energy drinks.

“The pricing is really competitive and the brand is always seeking for promotions and strong in-store follow up.”

Carabao is sugar tax ready and shelf ready!

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