CleanLIFE – A Certified Flushable Solution

WHILE CLEANLIFE KNOW that wet wipes make life convenient, until now they have not done much for the planet in the long term.

Traditional plastic wipes pose a significant environmental threat, contributing over a staggering 25,000 tonnes of plastic to Australian landfills annually. Worse still, they degrade into harmful microplastics, posing risks to wildlife, human health, and the environment at large. Recognising the urgent need for change, CleanLIFE has stepped up.

CleanLIFE is Australia’s specialist wet wipe range, providing plastic-free solutions for everyday use around the home and for personal use. At its manufacturing facility located in Woodville North in South Australia, they are leading the change by producing plastic free, biodegradable, and certified flushable wipes. CleanLIFE has been able to achieve this by working alongside dermatologists, scientists, engineers, and the water authorities to produce high-quality Australian Made and plastic free wet wipes.

Using Australian purified water in all CleanLIFE wipes gives confidence and certainty that no foreign nasties are in the wipes used around families and in homes. Besides the quality of water, they use Australian ingredients, native oils, and extracts to give the CleanLIFE range a unique difference in the fragrances and benefits offered with every wipe.

From baby to skin to kitchen to loo, CleanLIFE has a wipe solution for everyone! A tailored range to cover almost every surface, there is no reason why customers can’t make the switch today.

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Office:   +61 883 317 674

Address: 102 Payneham Road, Stepney, SA 5069

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