Consumer opinions on convenience store promotions

The latest research from him! international has shown that only 18% of Australian consumers feel convenience stores offer great promotions.

Australian shoppers were among the 10,000 global consumers who took part in the study conducted by him!international, which examined consumer attitudes toward promotions run by convenience stores.

Of the 1000 Australian respondents, 34% indicated that they did not think convenience stores offered great promotions. These figures reflect global attitudes towards convenience store promotions, with 21% of global participants finding convenience stores’ offered good promotional prices compared to 32% who thought that that convenience stores lacked great promotions.

Globally, consumers did not view convenience store promotions as a way to save money with 43% disagreeing that promotions offer opportunity to lower spending and 49% agreeing with promotions being on undesired products.

The demand for fresh products from Australian consumers was strongly reflected in the findings, which showed that 41% of shoppers felt convenience stores should focus more on fresh offerings over promotions. When it comes to fresh products, 30% of Australian’s think that food-to-go in the P&C Channel have improved in the last two to three years. This is slightly lower than the global average of 33%.

Food-to-go is an essential part of most convenience stores’ offer, so it’s important that P&C retailers maintain good value for money, as well as convenience, when it comes to their food-to-go options.


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