Durex announce Free-DOM day by giving away condoms

Durex are offering free condoms to fully vaccinated Sydney residents as part of their free-DOM day campaign.

A study by Kantar found that 32 per cent of Aussies are hornier than ever during lockdown, so Durex are ensuring that when time comes to get it on, Aussies will be armed and ready.

A giant, mobile billboard called the Durex #Erectometer, displaying real time NSW vaccination rates, will be cruising the streets of Sydney this week, stopping off at some of the city’s “cheekiest” suburbs, such as Homebush, Mona Vale, Pleasure Point, Balls Head Bay, and more, in anticipation of free-DOM day.

If you’re looking to make up for lost time in the bedroom it’s best you get vaccinated as the study revealed 45 per cent of Aussies would not sleep with an unvaccinated person.

Sex Coach Georgia Grace offers some advice for those bouncing back after a dry spell: “Lockdowns have affected us all differently, with almost everyone noting some kind of emotional, physical, mental or sexual toll. As we reconnect and get back to doing things we love with the people we love, there’s bound to be a few moments of relearning how to date, relate and have sex.”

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