All-Fect Distributors sugar-free confectionery

All-Fect Distributors is a 100% Australian proudly owned and operated family business which was established in 1975. It has grown into an integrated company, distributing, importing and marketing owned brands of confectionery and snackfood from all over the world. All-Fect’s range of sugar free and gluten free lollies have been on the market for two years and bound be the confectionery item that lures more customers in.

Each package of the DiHaNi sugar free range contains individually wrapped pieces, designed to make portion control as easy as ever! Boasting to be both sugar free and gluten free, the lollies are made with two main ingredients; isomalt and maltitol, ensuring a sweet and guilt-free treat every time.

Flavours in the hard boiled range include Cherry and Cream drops, Choc and Cream drops, Crystal Fruit drops, Fruit and Cream drops, Mint drops and Fruity Pops. The soft chew range includes the flavours Soft Coffee chews, Soft Choc chews, Soft Toffee chews and Soft Fruit chews. The product is made with wellbeing in mind, offering a better alternative for those who are health conscious but are still wanting to enjoy deliciously tasting, guilt-free confectionery.

All-Fect is one of Australia’s major confectionery and snackfood players. Its distribution arm extends coast to coast; throughout every state in Australia. We never compromise on quality or service as it is the core of our business. Each packet sells for $2.99 at the RRP. To stock, please contact (fill in details) You’ve come to the right place for all of your needs in Confectionery and Snackfood.

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