Iconic Uncle Tobys brand relaunches after 125 years

The iconic 125-year-old Australian brand Uncle Tobys is relaunching with a new brand ambassador and an ‘Oatervention’ to inspire the nation to “wake up to the things that really matter”.

A survey commissioned by Uncle Tobys and undertaken by Lonergan Research, found that Australians collectively spend around 90 million hours on social media per day, which breaks down to about 4.5 hours per person.

Further to our excessive screen time, the survey found that two in five Australians have admitted to getting on board with a food fad rather than shifting to a healthier diet. And one in 10 Australians admit to having tried three or more food fads.

Michelle Katz, Head of Marketing, Uncle Tobys, said: “As one of Australia’s iconic food brands, we believe the Uncle Tobys brand is uniquely placed to give Aussies a wake up call to remind them of what’s really important.

“The ‘Oatervention’ marks the start of Uncle Tobys Oats journey to become an icon among the next generation of oat lovers. We’re encouraging Aussies to say ‘For Goodness Sake!’ to the things that don’t matter and embrace a more fulfilled life.”

To further its relaunch, Uncle Tobys has partnered with Australian stand-up comedian, Dave Thornton, as its new brand ambassador.

Thornton says that he has been guilty of some less-than-worthy habits and is looking forward to breaking that cycle alongside Uncle Tobys.

“We’ve all become a little guilty of getting caught up in the fluff of reality TV, social media and even fad food trends – myself included. So, I’m on a mission with the team at Uncle Tobys to help Aussies get back onto the path of goodness and genuine feel good satisfaction by waking up to the things that matter.”

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