Japan taps into health boom

Japanese convenience stores have started focusing on healthy foods.

Due to the aging population in Japan, C-stores are seeking to tap into the health food market to provide nutritional meals and advice.

A Lawson pop-up store opened in central Tokyo with a focus on products that are low on carbohydrates for health-conscious consumers.

Offering around 250 products and meal suggestions, the store has lunches, salads and beverages for people “work actively throughout the day”.

The store manager is a certified dietitian and is able to answer questions and advise customers on healthy eating habits.

The aging population appears to be a concern for many Japanese citizens, as users of gym memberships appear to be on an upward trend.  Elderly citizens also are using convenience stores more than they have been in the past.

Lawson CEO Sadanobu Takemasu said opening the store was part of the company’s efforts to increase life expectancy without illness or disability.

“They say we’re entering an era where people will live to 100 years old. We hope to extend people’s healthy life expectancy,” he said.

The company plans to analyse the data from the store and develop new product based on the results.


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