Johnson & Johnson respond to asbestos

Johnson & Johnson has responded to reports of asbestos in its baby powder.

Following a report by Reuters that claimed the company knew of harmful asbestos for decades, Johnson & Johnson were quick to reassure customers the baby powder is safe to use, InsideFMCG reported.

The company released a video response in which the chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky claimed the product was safe.

“We know that our talc is safe. In fact, for over 100 years J&J has known that the talc in our baby powder is the purest, safest pharmaceutical grade talc on earth,” Mr Gorsky said.

“If we believed our products were unsafe, they would be off the shelves and out of the market immediately.”

“Since tests for asbestos in talc were first developed, J&J’s Baby Powder has never contained asbestos,” Gorsky said. He added that regulators “have always found our talc to be asbestos-free.”

The Reuters’ report found that while there were currently no traces of asbestos in the powder products, small amounts had been found in previous tests in the 70’s and 90’s.

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