Keytone steps up national ranging

Keytone Dairy has secured new ranging across the petrol and convenience channel for a number of its dairy and health and wellness products.

The company, which is based in both Australia and New Zealand, has also secured ranging in Malaysia, a new international market for the business.

Tonik Pro protein shakes will be ranged in 625 new petrol and convenience outlets, including 250 Caltex/Ampol, 320 United Petroleum and 55 Freedom Fuels petrol stations.

Tonik Plant and Tonik Pro have also been rolled out across 400 Coles and Coles Local stores nationally over the last two weeks.

On The Run has confirmed ranging of Super Cubes products and Gran’s Fudge across its network of 145 petrol and convenience stores in South Australia, and national ranging in independent supermarkets including Drakes, Romeos and Karellas continues for Tonik, Super Cubes and Gran’s Fudge.

Keytone has partnered with national distributors Brackenbury Nutrition and Nutrition Systems for Tonik Pro and Plant. And the business says that while initial orders have totalled just $100k for these key distributors, follow on orders have already been placed within a matter of weeks.

Keytone’s CEO Danny Rotman said that the growth strategy would continue into 2021 with further range reviews scheduled and occurring on a monthly basis.

“Keytone’s proprietary products are on trend, on point and the demand is growing across Australia and internationally,” he said.

“The cut through and critical mass across multiple distribution channels, including grocery, independent grocery, petrol and convenience and gym channels is being achieved and the Company expects sakes to continue to gather momentum and scale over the next 12 months.”

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