What makes it such a great product/what’s the key selling point?

Mrs Mac’s is excited to launch a plant-based range designed to offer health conscious consumers tasty and convenient hot food options. The range includes exciting plant based flavours and targets the growing segment of consumers seeking meat alternatives across on the go and retail channels.

How many products in the range?

There are two products in the range: a Smokey BBQ Jackfruit Pie and a Black Bean & Chipotle Burrito Roll.

How many SKUs per product?

The Smokey BBQ Jackfruit Pie and Black Bean and Chipotle Burrito Roll are available in heat-in-bag and unbaked formats.

What are the pack options?

The pie filling includes jackfruit that has been slow cooked in a delicious smoky BBQ sauce. Jackfruit is gaining huge popularity amongst plant-based consumers as, when slow cooked, it flakes just like meat and it infuses the flavours of the sauce, just like meat. We are seeing more chefs and a number of QSR’s utilising jackfruit as a plant-based alternative to pulled pork in tacos and curry dishes. It also has significant nutritional benefits, making it an appealing option to health conscious consumers.

The other product is the Mexican inspired Burrito Roll, which capitalises on the growing trend in Mexican cuisine and combines black bean, sweet potato, capsicum, corn and a sprinkle of chipotle chilli to give it an authentic flavour. The Burrito Roll is an exciting addition to the hot food category and ideal for on the go consumers looking for tasty plant-based options.

What is the product size/are multiple sizes available?

Baked options are: Smokey BBQ Jackfruit Pie 175g and Black Bean & Chipotle Burrito Roll 140g. The unbaked options are Smokey BBQ Jackfruit Pie 200g and Black Bean & Chipotle Burrito 160g.


$5-$6. Research shows plant based consumers are premium shoppers and if the plant-based offer is appealing and meets their needs of taste and health, their basket size value is above that of a traditional shopper.

What drove this NPD? 

Consumer insights show health conscious consumers believe the hot food category isn’t serving their needs in terms of taste and health requirements. Recent innovation in the category has failed to engage these consumers and this has led the Mrs Mac’s team to design a plant-based offer that fills this gap with an innovative range designed to recruit new shoppers into the category. 

The R&D team at Mrs Mac’s has undertaken extensive research to identify the emerging trends in plant based and through the product development stage and these products emerged as the perfect offer.

Which customer segment is this product aimed at? 

It targets health conscious consumers, particularly those under 40 (Millennials and Gen Z) who place high importance on taste and health. Plant based consumption is growing quickly amongst these segments as they continue to increase plant-based foods in their diet and limit meat consumption.

Will it bring a new customer base into the store? 

Yes and it represents a great opportunity for retailers who can leverage the unique offer to recruit health conscious consumers and deliver incremental growth by increasing the basket size of these shoppers.   

Who is/are the major wholesaler/s?

These products are available from all major food distributors.

Will there be any promotion in store?

The Mrs Mac’s plant based range will be supported with a significant above the line campaign and in-store support. The media campaign will commence in October, in line with the launch in store. The team have also developed point of sale materials that can be activated pre and in-store to build awareness and drive conversion with shoppers.

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