NRMA to establish largest EV charging network

NRMA executive general manager Samantha Taranto with a charging station. Source: NRMA

The NRMA is set to establish a network of electric vehicle charging stations across NSW and ACT, QLD and VIC.

A statement released by the NRMA said: “The NRMA will build a free-for-Members electric fast charging network as part of its new Social Dividend Investment Strategy.”

NRMA chairman Kyle Loades said the NRMA has always been an innovative organisation that has always tried to look ahead and adapt to the trends.

NRMA executive general manager Samantha Taranto said the NRMA is passionate about opening up access for people to be able to charge their electric vehicles.

“You should be able to drive from Melbourne to Brisbane and not have to worry about your charging needs,” she said.

“Some of our research has shown potential people who’d like to own an electric vehicle and those that do have a little bit of range anxiety around running out of charge.

“We want to be able to allow people to move freely and have access without any kind of anxiety.”

A statement on the NRMA website said the initiative would deliver at least 40 chargers in an investment of $10 million. More than 95% of NRMA member road trips will be covered by the network.

The NRMA is encouraging members, council and community groups to demonstrate their interest in having a charging station in their local area.


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