Perth petrol prices jump

Fuel pump oil energy takes Australias money.

Petrol prices in Perth have hit a four-year high.

The price of unleaded petrol rose 19 cents overnight with the average price hitting 158.3 cents per litre. According to prices have not been this high since July 2014.

Premium unleaded is being sold at 171.9 cents per litre on average, with diesel at 153.7c/l and LPG at 93.2c/l. said that most Puma sites across the area had increased their unleaded petrol price overnight to 163.9c/l, most BP, Caltex, Caltex Woolworths and Coles Express sites lifted their unleaded price to 161.9¢/l.

According to FuelWatch, there are still 25 sites in the metro area selling petrol for below to 140c/l.


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