QLD website to assist with plastic bag ban

The Queensland Government has set up a website to support its state-wide plastic bag ban that will be put into place from the 1st of July 2018.

The website was set up to assist retailers with the transition, providing “everything your business needs to manage the QLD plastic bag ban”.

The ban follows the passing of the legislation ‘Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Bill 2017’ which will prevent retailers from offering or selling lightweight plastic bags.

It offers resources and workshops to provide retailers with information on specific requirements for managing the plastic bag ban.

This regulation will apply to all retailers including supermarkets, c-stores, take-way food stores, pharmacies, liquor stores and any other retail business.

Biodegradable bags have also been included in the Queensland ban, as they still pose a threat to aquatic life and Queensland’s marine ecosystem.

The site qldbagban.com.au lists five key steps for retailers to manage the ban.

  1. Understand the ban and what it means for retailers.
  2. Consider other options available and make decisions.
  3. Prepare the rest of the retail team.
  4. Inform customers of the legislation and impending ban.
  5. Manage the plastic bag ban.

Training kits and signage is available for retailers to download including information for handing any questions that customers may and posters detailing which plastic bags will be banned and which will still be allowed.

Speaking about the ban, Environment Minister Steven Miles said voluntary action by supermarkets to reduce the use of single plastic bags across several years had been successful.

“In the three years of voluntary action, the number of lightweight bags in use was reduced by around 44 per cent. Unfortunately, once the voluntary actions stopped, our use of plastic bags started to increase,” he said.

To view the QLD Bag Ban website, click here.


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