Revvies – the power of caffeine fast and sugar-free

Revvies are a big hit with those who need a big hit of energy!

Do your customers LOVE coffee? Doesn’t everyone? But there is nothing more frustrating than having an early morning start and not having time for a cup, or having to queue at an overpriced cafe – luckily Revvies have the answer. Their small, sugar-free and fast dissolving strips fit easily into any pocket, purse, gym bag, desk drawer or car glove box, so busy caffeine lovers can get their hit whenever and wherever they want.

Revvies have also become a big hit with runners, gym goers and those playing sport of almost any kind. In fact, because Revvies are so effective they are used by elite athletes like dual Olympian Eloise Wellings and professional sports teams like the Parramatta Eels.

So rather than stocking just another energy drink, bar or ball, add Revvies Energy Strips to your store and add a product that offers something truly different and delivers additional sales.

Revvies retail for RRP$4.50 for a pack of 5 strips, so they also offer consumers great value. To start stocking Revvies or for more information, email

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