Safa’s Choice: Blue Diamond’s magnificent Almond Breeze

safa's choice logoPeople often say “if it tastes this good, it must be bad for you”.  Well, here’s the proof they’re wrong! Let me be the first to say… Almond Breeze is not bad for you. It’s healthy and it’s scrumptiously delicious! Almond Breeze’s new single-serve beverages of flavoured almond milk are an insanely delicious on-the-go drink. Available in three great-tasting flavours (chocolate, coffee and coconut), you can taste the devilish yumminess with every sip. It’s so naturally light, smooth, soft and sweet.

It really is a perfect on-the-go beverage, or a great impulse buy; a product ideally suited to be sold from petrol and convenience retail stores. This product targets female consumers, but as a health conscious male and a parent, I would happily buy it for myself and my family. Damn, it’s delicious!  My little girl loved this drink so much, she was mad at me for not leaving any for her. This range is definitely for any consumer looking for the healthy alternative to regular flavoured milk drinks.

Almond Breeze has 90 to 100 calories per serve, depending on the flavour. It’s low in saturated fat, and free of dairy, lactose, cholesterol, gluten and egg. Each single serve of Almond Breeze flavoured almond milk has 30 per cent less calories than skim and regular soy milk.

The RRP is $2.99 and with an introductory offer of $2.00, why are you still faffing around? Call Freedom Foods on 1800 646 231 or visit and


This first appeared in the December 2016/Jauary 2017 edition of C&I Retailing magazine. To view the magazine online, click here.

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