Small business questions level of government support

After a reaching a five-year low in February, the September 2014 MYOB Business Monitor Report shows levels of dissatisfaction among SMEs are growing – reversing some of the improvements made after the Liberal Government came to office.

Dissatisfaction has climbed to 37% in the latest survey of over 1,000 SMEs conducted by Colmar Brunton, from 32% earlier in the year. Satisfaction with the Government dipped slightly to 23%.

The business operators surveyed also felt the Government was failing to understand the issues affecting them, with 61% dissatisfied and only 33% expressing satisfaction on this measure.

The sectors where operators felt the Government had the greatest understanding of their issues were the business, professional and property sector (42% satisfaction), and the manufacturing and wholesale industry (39% satisfaction).

Those industries where the Government was felt to have the least appreciation of the issues business operators are facing were agribusiness (18% satisfaction), and other industries (25% satisfaction).

MYOB CEO Tim Reed said: “Of particular concern is the support that small businesses have for policies the government is removing, such as the $6500 instant asset write off and accelerated depreciation of motor vehicles.”

The survey also canvassed business operators on their preferred policies, which was topped by ‘Policies that significantly simplify the GST/BAS reporting process’ (60% for).

“What we are seeing here again is that businesses really want some relief from red tape, and incentives to invest and improved infrastructure,” Mr Reed said. “The government is focused in these areas but small businesses want to see more traction.”


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