As snug as a bug in a snack

The new Chinese snacks contain 26% silkworm powder. Image: Bella Pupa

Silkworms are known for producing the finest thread available, but now they have a secondary usage- in the human food chain.

One of China’s newest food innovations, silkworms are being turned into snacks as part of the search for sustainable food sources.

A new brand of snack food chips, Bella Pupa, is made with 26% silkworm powder that is both high in protein as well as vitamins, minerals, folic acid and fibre, and has also been shown to aid with blood glucose level and pressure.

Bella Pupa was an initiative led by entrepreneur Massimo Reverberi, in conjunction with Chinese and French food designers and scientists.

Mr Reverberi said the product was designed for people who wouldn’t normally eat insects.

“The Chinese seem to love the taste, according to the focus groups and the tests that we have done,” he said.

Mr Reverberi said Bella Pupa chips will be available online, and full production has been scheduled to start in August/September.

The brand behind another new bug snack, ‘Bugsolutely’, claims that silkworms offer a compelling solution to food security.

The Bugsolutely website states that compared to meat production, silkworms offer a more efficient source of protein as they require less land, water, and food resources.

“This means silkworm, in particular in its dry form as flour, can play a pivotal role in the food system as the global population continues to grow and resources dwindle.”

The company said the chips were designed for optimal taste.

“The result is a snack product that is simply finger-licking delicious,” it said.


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