State of the art technology launches at Shell Cranebrook

The brand new Shell petrol station at Cranebrook in New South Wales has been equipped with state of the art touch to order technology at 12 of its pumps.

The large truck stop, which has 22 pumps, has become a destination fuel station to local lightweight vehicles, commercial and long-haul trucks travelling nationwide.

The newly installed Adverto UniTopper technology will provide a new revenue stream for the owners while also working to improve the overall customer experience.

The Adverto technology offers retailers a new revenue stream as they are equipped for static and video advertisements. They also feature CCTV integration and offer live feed data.

Shell Cranebrook is the second petrol station to be equipped with the Adverto technology, with the pilot trial launching at Shell Baxter in Victoria in March.

The technology is rolling out to petro convenience owners in phases, and the next phase will see additional features included, such as pay at the pump, facial analytics and loyalty programs.

Adverto says: “Our products and services increase sales and revenue, reduce customer waiting times, optimise and simplify the user experience, improve venue security, and integrate with preexisting infrastructure.”

Rob Pincevic, Owner of Shell Cranebrook, chose the Adverto solution, as he was interested in pay at the pump and the advertising revenue opportunities, which he says have already gained interest.

Adverto’s UniTopper can be installed to any pump globally and give station owners the power to control their own content, increase incremental revenue, and enables customers to order in-store products while they refuel their vehicles.

It has taken Adverto five years in research and development to reach the point of introducing the technology into petrol forecourts. Further instalments will be rolled out in the coming months.

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