Store review part 2: Designer dreams bought to life

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The Foodary in Derrimut, Victoria was recently opened with “arguably Australia’s best service station toilets and a food and coffee offer that will challenge long-held views of the Aussie ‘servo’,” Ms Moore.

“Over half of Australians believe service stations have forgotten about service and we have been listening. It’s why we’ve rolled out a number of new store formats in recent years and taken a leap with this particular store by enlisting the talents of Alisa and Lysandra to design bathroom and shower facilities that will change customer perceptions of what to expect when they visit a service station,” Helen said.

Lysandra of, Alisa and Lysandra Design said the design and feel of the new store draws on elements common in household kitchen and bathroom interiors.

“With this project we have used modern design features such as forest greenery to create a fresh and inviting feel aimed at encouraging customers to take the time to relax and enjoy all that The Foodary offers. The bathrooms and showers are the centrepiece, bringing Scandinavian interior design elements that are very different to what you would expect at a service station.

“We are proud to have worked with Caltex on this project – the new store shows how interior design can be used to improve the customer experience,” Lysandra said.

The spokesperson said: “The main design brief for Alisa and Lysandra was to tie in core elements from our The Foodary brand to the seating area and amenities, creating a stylish but comfortable environment for our customers”.

Researching the concept

Following research untaken by Caltex, 70% of Australians believe it is important for a service station to have a bathroom, but 60% will avoid using it if they can help it.

The Caltex spokesperson said: “The research was undertaken to measure Australia’s perceptions of service and facilities in service stations. It showed that while Australians overwhelmingly think it’s important a service station has a toilet, over half believe these facilities are somewhat or very dirty and over half will avoid using a service station toilet if they can”.

“35% would rather hold on than use a service station toilet, with 1 in 4 believing bad things happen in service station toilets,” the spokesperson said.

Further research into the concept found that over half of Australians believe service stations have forgotten about service.

“The new store reflects the changing nature of Australian service stations which are shifting to better meet the needs of consumers seeking better services and more convenience when filling up,” the spokesperson said.

The Foodary is fast-becoming famous for its barista-made coffee, food for now and its quick service restaurant (QSR) partners such as Boost Juice and Guzman Y Goman. Surely the inclusion of designer toilets will only enhance The Foodary’s customer base.

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