Safa’s Choice: The supermodel of coconut iced coffee

safa's choice logoWe Australians love our coffee and we take it very seriously. In 2015, Australian consumers spent $2.7 billion on this daily ritual in cafes and coffee shops.

In recent years, Australia has become the king of adapting to new trends and coconut has fast become a fixed category in the impulse and P&C market.

A new dairy-free player in the coconut market is Cor de Coco, a brand destined to become the supermodel of the flavoured coconut milk category.

This range is beautifully packaged in glass bottles for on the run shoppers and provides a new taste in coconut milk with real coffee. It is one that Australians will love and could be a new Aussie icon!

Cor de Coco coconut iced coffee is a naturally flavoured, healthy and allergen friendly beverage made from some of the best coconuts in the world and 100 per cent Arabica bean cold extracted coffee.

Packed with all natural goodness and no artificial ingredients, Cor de Coco offers 30 per cent less sugar than most iced coffee brands and a delicious taste that leaves you wanting more! Should you stock it in your fridges? You better believe it you should!

Cold extracted coffee is brewed with cold water over a 10 hour period to deliver a sweet and strong flavour without the bitterness typically found in a hot brew.

There was significant growth reported last year in coconut milk consumption in Australia, which is expected to continue with the increasing interest in dairy-free products as a lifestyle choice, rather than simply an option for those with allergies and intolerances.

Cor De Coco RangeCor de Coco is available in three amazing flavours that will take you around world each time you take a sip; Coconut Double Shot Espresso, Coconut Mochacinno and Coconut Vanilla Latte. Stop what you are doing and order some now! For more information, contact your local AIDA representative or email Cor de Coco at

This first appeared in the June/July issue of C&I Retailing Magazine, out now.

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