The House of Robert Timms Coffee Bags: A no mess, no fuss solution

The House of Robert Timms Coffee Bags are expertly roasted, ensuring a 100 per cent barista quality experience in every cup.

Established in 1951, The House of Robert Timms has a range of roast, ground and soluble coffee to suit everyone’s needs, including its high-quality and convenient to use Coffee Bags.

The House of Robert Timms Coffee Bags are ideal for those who are looking for a hassle-free solution without having to compromise on the quality and flavour of the coffee. The single-serve coffee bags are targeted towards consumers who have a preference for fresh, high-quality coffee and convenience with a quality taste and ease of use.

The blends are expertly crafted and roasted in Concord, an inner west suburb of Sydney. Available in four variants including Gold Colombia, Italian Espresso, Mocha Kenya, and Decaffeinated, the coffee bags are individually sealed, ensuring freshness to give a 100 per cent barista coffee experience every time.

The House of Robert Timms Coffee Bags are available in retail pack sizes of 8s, 18s and 28s.

A spokesperson explained how The House of Robert Timms Coffee Bags provide a “no mess, no fuss solution” for Australian coffee drinkers.

“There is no doubt Australians loves coffee – per capita we consume approximately 1.9kgs of coffee per annum. The average Australian consumer drinks approximately 14 cups of coffee per week.

“Premiumisation is crucial in countries where population growth is slow and coffee markets are mature, such as Australia. In addition, consumers are looking for convenience found in single serve coffee.”

Coffee bags positively contribute to the wider coffee category as they add incremental sales for retailers. In major retailers on a MAT basis, coffee bag sales are showing strong double-digit growth.

For all enquiries, contact The House of Robert Timms’ friendly customer service team on 1800 888 996.

For more information contact:

NSW: JoAnne Wheeler on 0414 904 392 or email

QLD: Simon Dempsey on 0414 780 773 or email

VIC/TAS: Andrew Campbell on 0427 215 190 or email

SA: Kari Stoker on 0414 749 317 or email

WA/NT: Gavin Radford on 0427 241 345 or email

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