When your bottle is a Temple

Milk Based Beverages continues to be a key segment in P&C stores, being the third largest packed beverages category behind Energy and Carbonated Soft Drinks. Within this category, Dare is the key market leader, accounting for 54% of value with Iced Coffee delivering 75% of sales. Delivering double the velocity of its nearest competitors, Dare is a must have brand when it comes to driving category growth.

As Australia has slowly returned to a state of normality, with Aussies back on the road on and back to work we have seen the P&C channel return to growth. However, multi state lockdowns have left a lasting impact on Aussies, with shoppers more conscious than ever around the food and drinks they are consuming.

With this heightened consumer awareness around health and the growth of the Better For You trend Dare are proud to launch the No Sugar Added range across the 500ml and 750ml pack sizes. Through the launch of the No Sugar Added range Dare has delivered on the desire for Better For You products while still delivering the same iconic taste Dare consumers know and love. Dare No Sugar Added continues to use real milk and real coffee, benefiting not only the consumer but the Australian Dairy Industry through its Aussie Owned and Made credentials.

The goodness doesn’t stop there, analysis has shown that Dare No Sugar Added has minimal cross shop with the Core Dare range. This suggests that the range will not only provide incremental sales but will also bring in new and light/lapsed consumers into the Milk Based Beverages category.

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