Woolworths ‘Scan&Go’ expansion

App scanning products. Source: Woolworths and News.com.au

Woolworths supermarkets have expanded a trial of the new Scan&Go checkout system.

Four stores within Sydney’s CBD and a store in Mona Vale will offer the checkout-free experience. Four of the companies smaller metro stores are also fitted with the Scan&Go system.

To use the checkout system, customers must first download an app on their smartphone and sign in using their Woolworths Rewards loyalty account.

The products for purchase are then scanned into the app, while purchasing loose fresh produce is a two-step process where the food is scanned and then the weight scale with the total too.

Once the customers are finished with their shopping, they can use the ‘continue to pay’ button in the app to make the purchase from the information linked to the account.

Shoppers then bypass the queues to leave the store.

Woolworths head of payments Paul Monnington said in a statement: “Most customers in our CBD Metro stores just want to duck in and out for a few items, so we expect the speed and ease of Scan&Go will be quite a popular offer in this setting”.

“We’re trying to get more customers and more journeys in to increase the volume and really see from a trial perspective whether it definitely is what they want,” Mr Monnington said.


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