Yamas Ice Tea launch

A new ice tea product has just launched, Yama ice team for a refreshing experience.

Yamas has created a new quality product in the ice-tea category that is bound to make a difference in the way you knew ice tea- until now.

Yamas has selected the best varieties in the world, adding natural fresh fruit juice and replacing sugar with natural honey, aiming got the highest quality and a unique taste.

Opening a bottle of Yamas ice tea, will unleash the ultimate ice tea experience offered with every sip of each of the four flavours.

Yamas is available in four flavours in 355ml bottles:

  • Green tea with mango juice and honey
  • Green tea with lemon juice & honey
  • White tea with honey and pomegranate
  • Black tea with honey and peach juice

Discover Yamas today!

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