Puma Energy rank highest in new customer survey

Canstar Blue has just released their annual review of petrol stations.

The financial comparison site ranked the servos based the results of a national survey of 2,100 motorists, the review took into account customer ratings of the cleanliness and appearance of a station, the level of customer service received, convenience, facilities and product range.

It found Puma Energy ranked highest among customers, dethroning the 2019 winner 7-Eleven, which this year felt to sixth place. Puma recorded five stars in the majority of categories including overall satisfaction, appearance and cleanliness, service, convenience and facilities. It received four stars for all other categories.

Other  stations in the top 10 included Metro Petroleum, Liberty, Costco, United Petroleum, 7-Eleven, BP, Woolworths Caltex, Shell, Caltex and Coles Express Shell.

Metro Petroleum and Costco both rated five stars for the all-important price of petrol, while 7-Eleven got five stars for their (non-car) product range.

Metro, Liberty, Costco, United, 7-Eleven and BP were all given four stars for overall customer satisfaction and Woolworths Caltex, Shell, Caltex and Coles Express Shell came out with three stars.

Interestingly, the survey also found while 27% of respondents would drive further for cheaper petrol, 29% choose to use the same station for each refuel,, regardless of the price, while one fifth chose their station based on rewards points schemes.

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