Barista Technology Perfect Moose

What the key selling point of this product?

Perfect Moose is the smartest automated milk steaming technology available today. Designed to assist baristas during busy times, the Moose will turn any untrained staff member into a barista, whilst decreasing customer waiting times during those busy periods. Best of all the Perfect Moose requires no user input as all of your milk recipes are programmed into the milk jugs. Simply fill the jug, place the jug on the jug holder and let the Moose do the rest. 

How many products in the range?

There are two versions of Perfect Moose: ‘Greg’, who plumbs directly into your coffee machine and ‘Jack’, who has his own boiler and can be positioned anywhere you have a water tap available.

What is the product size?

Perfect Moose has a small footprint, it’s only 120mm wide and fits neatly next to your coffee machine or on any bench top. The system is supplied with five ‘Smart Jugs’ which are programmed with your milk temperature and texture recipes. The jugs come in three different colours so that staff can easily choose the right jug, depending on milk type. Black jugs are for dairy milk, cappuccinos and lattes. White jugs are for flat white’s and green jugs are for plant based milks. So there is no chance of cross contamination.


Contact us and we will connect you with your local Perfect Moose distributor.

What was the idea behind this NPD?

The explosion of barista coffee in the P&C market has resulted in greater choice for consumers and with that comes higher expectations around quality. Perfect Moose was designed for retailers whose staff are required to multitask and may not necessarily be skilled baristas. Perfect Moose delivers consistent results for every jug of milk, ensuring that the quality in the cup is always achieved.

Which consumer demographic is this product aimed at?

Perfect Moose is aimed at any café environment where consistency and quality in the cup is important. It delivers exceptional milk texture and temperature, improves workflow and productivity and reduces the incidence of injury risk.

Will it bring a new customer base into the store?

Perfect Moose is proven to produce excellent quality milk every time, so the overall quality of coffee being served will improve. When customers have a great experience, they will come back again.

Who are the major wholesaler?

For all sales enquiries please contact Barista Technology on 1300 582 443 or email us at Visit the website to find out more

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