$1 million of fuel to be won in new OTR promotion

OTR has introduced ‘Scan, Pump, Save’, a game on the OTR app that provides customers with a chance to win discounts on their fuel.

Customers scan the QR code at the pump using the OTR app and then play a game providing them with an opportunity receive up to a full tank of petrol free.

An OTR spokesperson said that while some may win an entire tank of petrol and others will win a few cents off every lite, every customer playing the game will receive a discount.

“The new “Scan, Pump, Save” game has been born from a customer insight that a trip to buy petrol needs to be more convenient, entertaining and COVID-19 safe. Our motto is ‘Making Life Easy’, and we are proud to say that this new game does this for our app customers.”

The idea was born from a consumer insight to make petrol purchases more convenient, entertaining, and Covid-19 safe, and now that QR codes are so integrated into people’s lives, this is an easy way to achieve that.

“In addition to offering a more safe and convenient way to pay for fuel, Scan Pump Save also boasts the largest petrol give away the State has ever seen, with one million dollars’ worth of fuel to be won.”

A campaign supporting the game has been released and will feature South Australian celebrity Andrew Costello as a genie who helps customers unlock the new functionality on the app.

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