10 Years in the making!

Wimmers Premium Soft Drinks have just launched their first new flavour, which has been 10 years coming.

Their Master Beveragier has painstakingly created a new Wimmers masterpiece, whilst keeping true to the brand offering a full experience which is, full of flavour, easy drinking and refreshing to the very last drop.

This flavour has been designed to entice the next generation of Wimmers lovers to experience the joys of a true Australian iconic brand that has been providing premium soft drinks for over 113 years.

Upon opening you are greeted with a subtle hibiscus aroma and a delicate taste that leaves your pallet clean and desiring more.

It is also makes a fantastic mixer with any white spirit.

Available from early September in both 600mL and 1.25L sizes, this new flavour is sure to be “The Taste of Summer” this year.

Available through all good distributors throughout Queensland and Northern NSW, as well as online through Dan Murphy’s for our interstate customers.

Ranged in over 200 Coles stores it’s the new must have for the P&C channel.

Established in 1910 on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Wimmers is still a 100% privately owned Australian company. 

For more details please contact Simon Rathbone – simon@wimmers.com.au “

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