2 USB ports AT LEAST for chargers

How many devices you have now requires USB to charge? Mobile phone and Tablet first to come in mind. There’s an average of 3.6 connected devices per consumer. As workplaces and home become more “mobile-friendly”, we have seen the main work device shift from hardwired desktop computers, to WiFi-enabled laptops, to WiFi-Only tablets and mobile devices, a much more wireless dependent workforce. You’re gonna have at least 2 devices that needs charging frequently.

The days of 1 charger per device is gone. It’s no longer the case where mobile devices are to be charged most effectively by its accompanying charger. However, it is utterly important for chargers to be approved as Australian Standards. Esonic’s 2 USB Wall Charger and Dual USB Car Charger are compatible to all devices with 3.4A to charge an iPad and Mobile phone at the full speed. They also come with Smart IC technology that communicates with your mobile phone to deliver the fastest charging speed.

Still need charging 2 devices at once when you’re out and about? SLEEKO powerbank is packed with 6000mAh which equals to 3 Full charges of iPhone 7! This super slim design is light and slips perfectly into your pocket with your phone. Bring this powerbank anywhere you go and you won’t run out of battery anymore.

The 2 USB Chargers are all available for order now. For more information, please call 1300 225 206 or email sales@eastrade.net.au.

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