250ml Coke update

Signage outside NightOwl convenience, Cairns QLD (Photograph: James Wells)

C&I WEEK recently reported a mixed retailer reaction to the imminent release of Coca-Cola South Pacific’s $2 Maximum Retail Price 250ml cans. Since then – after just over three weeks in the market – the cans are achieving a retailer uptake slightly ahead of Coca-Cola South Pacific’s target. According to public relations manager Sarah Kelly the product is currently at “around 25% penetration of immediate consumption channels… slightly ahead of our target for this stage”.

C&I WEEK has found the cans on sale at vastly different price points: on promotion for just $1 as part of NightOwl’s Cheap Tuesday Dollar Deals, and for sale at the Maximum Retail Price of $2 in a Darling Harbour Sydney convenience store.

Whether they are used as part of a promotion or sold at the Maximum Retail Price, the 250ml $2 cans look set to become a fixture on the convenience landscape.

NightOwl’s sign reads “Try them for only $1 on Tuesdays. That’s Half Price!” and reinforces the “Little Can, Little Price” message (Photograph: James Wells)

The “Little Can” on sale for $2 at Darling Harbour Sydney (Photograph: James Wells)

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