Fanta launches limited edition flavour

Coca-Cola South Pacific has added a new limited edition flavour to its Fanta range, Strawberry Sherbet Fizz.

Joining the brand’s line up of ‘rainbow flavours’, Strawberry Sherbet Fizz will be introduced to market as a 12-month limited edition as part of Fanta’s new brand strategy to ‘bring the fun’.FANTA

To drive awareness, Fanta has launched a multi-million dollar campaign, led by its flagship Orange flavour and supported by Strawberry Sherbet Fizz, which will target teens and mums.

It will seek to engage teens through outdoor advertising, a radio campaign and a targeted social offering on Facebook and Instagram, as well tapping into the audience of YouTube influencer Tyde Levi, who was involved in last year’s #FantaTastesLike campaign.

A significant investment will also be put into mobile, covering digital banners, shake banners, selfie props and a Fanta Droplet Challenge game. Meanwhile, mums will be targeted with proximity outdoor advertising aligned to path to purchase, radio and mobile advertising, as well as a strong instore presence.

Ramona Spiteri, brand manager, Fanta, said: “We’re excited to introduce Strawberry Sherbet Fizz to Fanta fans and consumers. Not only does this new flavour enhance the creative and playful image of our ongoing ‘Be More Fanta’ campaign, which is designed to bring more play into the world, but it also offers Aussies another unique taste sensation to enjoy.

“Research has verified that Strawberry Sherbet Fizz is perfect for our audience, with strong purchase intent and consumer sentiment among teens and mums. The brand and product range continues to create excitement among consumers and we are working hard to keep the brand evolving to capture the attention of our target consumers.”

Fanta Strawberry Sherbet Fizz will be available in Coles, Woolworths, independent retailers and petrol and convenience stores in 1.25L bottles, 250ml cans and 8x200ml mini can packs.

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