Fuel app GasBuddy clocks up 100,00 users in first month

Fuel app GasBuddy has reached 100,000 users in Australia, just one month after launching.

The US-based fuel price app relies on users to submit the latest petrol prices as well as the retailer’s location. Users have to download the app to be able to report prices, and prices can only be updated once they have been confirmed by other users who have also seen that price at a specific location. Users are also rewarded for entering the data with points, which can accumulate into rewards such as fuel vouchers.

Its debut in Australia last month marked GasBuddy’s first market outside of the US and Canada. The local arm of the app is headed by former ACAPMA CEO, Nic Moulis. In the US, the app has been downloaded 56 million times, has 15 million monthly users and generates more than 2 million user-submitted price updates every day.

According to GasBuddy, in March each of the 6068 petrol stations listed on the GasBuddy Australia app received on average three to four price reports from users per day.

“The tremendous amount of users and activity in just one month’s time shows the value GasBuddy brings,” Mr Moulis said.

“We have made it possible for everyone to be a part of the pricing conversation. GasBuddy provides greater transparency and has helped consumers make smarter purchasing decisions. We are excited to continue serving Australia and help drivers save heaps on petrol.”

According to GasBuddy’s data the national average price for a litre of unleaded was 111.19c. The most expensive day was March 19, 114.28c per litre of unleaded, while the cheapest day was March 31 at 106.31c per litre of unleaded.

The monthly average price for litre of unleaded in Launceston was 117.59c, making it the most expensive metro market in Australia; while Newcastle had cheapest average at 103.68c. Sydney saw the widest price variation with a “spread” of 32.7c per litre of unleaded.

To date, GasBuddy has also awarded $3200 worth of free fuel to members across the country through the daily drawing and plans to launch new features, such as “Challenges,” in the coming months.

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