Wayne Fueling Systems celebrates 125 years in the business

This year Wayne Fueling Systems commemorates 125 years as a global provider of fuel dispensing, payment, automation, and control technologies for retail and commercial fuel stations.

In April the company marked its milestone by hosting a Technology Summit in Austin, Texas (USA), while next month the company will celebrate at the leading European trade fair for the fuel retailing and car wash sectors.

Wayne will be present at the UNITI expo (June 14 – 16 in Stuttgart, Germany) where it will showcase a range of new products for the company’s 125th anniversary, including a tour of the Porsche museum and an evening of food and drinks for the guests.

“This is not a celebration of age, it is a celebration of how we got here and what will guide us for the next 125 years, by bringing new technologies to our customers.” says Robert Asbrink, marketing and communications manager, EMEA, at Wayne.

“UNITI expo, as the main trade fair in Europe, is the natural meeting point for many of our customers, suppliers and partners. It makes perfect sense for us to honour customer commitment throughout the years at this event,” Mr Asbrink said.

“For the first time we are showing the recently acquired Vianet and Simmons Sirvey products under the ClearView Solutions name. It is going to be the first launch in Europe of these products under the Wayne name. We will also be showcasing the new iX Pay secure payment terminal T7 and of course the Wayne Helix family of fuel dispensers.”

Wayne_ixpaysecure payment terminal T7 lowres
The Wayne iX Paysecure payment terminal T7

The company designed its first pump in 1891 and was then known as the Wayne Oil Tank Company. This inaugural product won the distinction ‘The Best Self Measuring Oil Pump’ at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago just two years later.

After the introduction of the company’s first gasoline pump in 1907, Wayne quickly grew, opening a plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1910. In 1918, Wayne introduced the first ‘visible’ pump which allowed motorists to see and control the amount of gas going into its tanks.

Wayne went on to introduce the mechanical computing dispenser, the blending pump, the electronic dispenser and the first Customer Activated Terminal (CAT), a product that heralded the age of self service and pay at the pump.

As the company expanded in product development and innovation, Wayne also grew in size and global scope;  opening its Canada office in 1919 followed by locations in England, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Sweden and China.

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