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Nutri tonics are a well-established category across Asia, having started with Lipovitan in Japan in 1962. The category is deeply rooted in the various traditional medicine practices within most Asian cultures such as traditional Chinese medicine, Kanpo (Japan), Jamu (Indonesia) and Ayurvedic (India). All of these practices focus on the functional benefits of herbs, spices and other natural ingredients to provide or support health and wellness benefits to people.

  • What is the main business of the company?

Rogue Beverages is focusing on our range of Nutri-Tonics.  We currently have our SHOJO Turmeric Tonic in market and are finalizing our range extension of new flavours with different functional benefits.

  • What can attendees expect from your stand at the expos?

Meet the team behind Rogue Beverages and taste the range of our Nutri-Tonics – 100ml shot drinks that bring genuine innovation to the beverage market.  These drinks target a specific need state for consumers and are sold in ready to drink 100ml glass bottles.

  • Is there anything new you can share?

More recently, we have seen the emergence of fresh juice health shots such as ginger, wheat grass and turmeric across western countries including Australia. However, nutri-tonics are different in that they are usually sold in 50-100ml serves, are shelf stable, leverage a range of different natural functional ingredients and may / may not also have other ingredients added such as B vitamins, Vitamin C, Collagen, etc.

For many years, these drinks have appeared to have little appeal to western consumers. However, with the rise in obesity, rejection of sugar, demand for smaller servings, increased travel to Asia and rapid growth of health and wellness demands from consumers, the nutri-tonic shot category has arrived in the USA and Europe and is experiencing rapid growth.

We believe that there is a significant opportunity for a nutri-tonics in Australia based on:

  • Proven demand and size of this type of category across Asia for more than 50 years
  • Recent launch and rapid growth of similar drinks in the USA and Europe
  • The significant Asian population in Australia
  • The ever increasing demand for health and wellness or better for you products by Australian consumers
  • The ever-increasing awareness and usage of natural functional ingredients and supplements by Australian consumers.


SHOJO is a brand that identifies proven Asian remedies and then develops a beverage that meets western needs and tastes. Our first product is a Turmeric tonic based on a category found in Japan that targets liver health.

SHOJO Turmeric tonic contains Curcumin, Vitamins B1, 2, 3 and 6 plus Vitamin C, ingredients are scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory and fatigue fighting properties, and to promote healthy liver function

SHOJO Turmeric Tonic is the first in a range of functional shots that will be rolled out over the next 12 months.

  • What are you most looking forward to at the expos?

Many retailers, wholesalers and distributors state they want innovation and that they are frustrated by the lack of innovation from the big beverage manufacturers. However, when it comes to making decision on ranging they want proven solutions. This makes it difficult to establish what is truly a new category, despite the success evidenced in the USA, Europe and Asia. Luckily we have some great retail partners that have, or have agreed to, take a bet on us.

We look forward to introducing our SHOJO Turmeric Tonic and our range of functional beverages to even more retailers at C&I Expo.  We are also keen to meet Distributors and other functional beverage brands to work together to bring this category to life in the Australian market.

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