7-Eleven Australia support for FWO prosecution

7-Eleven Australia fully supports the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) commencing legal proceedings against a Sydney-based 7-Eleven franchisee, Harmandeep Singh Sarkaria, and his company, Amritsaria Four Pty Ltd.

“7-Eleven Australia provides its full support to the Fair Work Ombudsman to assist it in its work to ensure all franchisees’ employees receive the pay and conditions they are entitled to under law,” said 7-Eleven Chief Executive Officer, Warren Wilmot.

“We do not condone the action of any franchisee who does not meet his or her obligations, and we fully support and co-operate with any investigation or action undertaken by FWO in this regard.

“The viability of the 7-Eleven business model does not, has not, and never will, rely on the underpayment of staff.

“We trust this action by the FWO will reinforce the obligation every employer has to ensure proper pay and conditions are afforded to their employees,” he said.

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