7-Eleven axe attacker faces court


Alleged axe attacker Evie Amati faced court on April 20.

A woman accused of attacking two customers at a Sydney 7-Eleven has faced court on charges of intent to murder.


Evie Amati appeared before the Sydney Central Local Court on April 20 to get out of prison on bail to receive medical treatment.

It was alleged that Ms Amati attacked two 7-Eleven customers in a violent scene on January 7, that was caught on CCTV.

Ms Amati was arrested immediately after the attack and charged with two counts of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm however the

charges were last month upgraded to attempting to cause wounding with intent to murder.

Ms Amati’s lawyer Charles Waterstreet said there was an explanation for everything that had taken place, namely “a series of circumstances that night prior”.

It was argued that Ms Amati suffered from psychosis, delusions and hallucinations that told her to kill.

Mr Waterstreet told the court at an earlier appearance in March that Ms Amati was on “a large amount” of antidepressants, hormonal drugs and another unspecified drug given to her “by a third person”.

He said that Ms Amati had no memory of the alleged attack.

Ms Amati, who is undertaking hormone therapy as a transgender person, made her request to be released on bail into a medical clinic.

Mr Waterstreet said Ms Amati should be released into the care of the mental health facility the Sydney Clinic and that she was “no risk” of harm to anyone.

News.com.au reported that her appeal will likely be denied by the crown prosecutors, despite her lawyer making a point of saying “there is no treatment for transgenders in jail”.

Two people were injured during the attack, and a third victim said the attacker had swung the axe at him in a street nearby.

Ms Amati is set to formally apply for bail on May 2.

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