7-Eleven opens new 'mall' c-store

7-Eleven respond to Fairfax

Statement provided to Fairfax regarding safety & security at 7-Eleven stores (28 August 2018)

“7-Eleven is a 24 hour convenience business, which is clearly understood when Franchisees apply to operate a store, and accepted under the Franchise Agreement.

The safety of staff and customers in our stores is our paramount concern, and we have invested millions of dollars in security measures in recent years and will continue to invest as needed. Our security framework includes as a minimum: remote locking doors and locked-door policy during night trading; deep counters, anti-jump wires/security barrier on counter, counter security doors, and safe havens; cash handling limits and secure cash collections; hold-up and pendant alarms and CCTV equipment; and security and robbery training. Night-pay windows are incorporated into new stores, and retro-fitted to existing stores where our security assessment indicates they are warranted. We also continually assess and enhance our safety policies and procedures, and reinforce these through regular training and compliance checks.

With regard to Mr Davaria’s store, upon receipt of the NSW Police risk assessment and in direct consultation with the local police, 7-Eleven has invested tens of thousands of dollars implementing a range of measures to enhance the safety and security of his team and customers at night, including funding a security guard until we have completed  the installation of a night-pay window. The police report also recommended a range of prevention measures that are standard operating procedures for 7-Eleven but were not being met to our standards in the store, and we have worked with Mr Davaria to ensure compliance. We have liaised with the local police to ensure that this comprehensive response effectively minimises the initially assessed level of risk to enable the store to safely trade 24/7. Mr Davaria’s concerns in this matter have been treated in the same manner as those raised by any other Franchisee.”

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