7-Eleven to roll out frictionless technology

7-Eleven has partnered with Grabango to roll out frictionless checkout to provide customers with convenient shopping options.

Grabango will develop the My 7-Eleven App Pay and Go 2.0 app, which will enable customers the choice to skip the register without the need to even scan their purchases with their device, with the technology expected to launch in 10 stores by the end of 2024.

Stephen Eyears, General Manager of Technology and Strategy at 7-Eleven Australia, said the enhancement will make it even more convenient for customers who choose to pay with the Pay and Go feature, as they won’t need to scan merchandise items individually.

“7-Eleven’s current My 7-Eleven App Pay and Go feature lets consumers scan their items, or fill their vehicle at the pump, and complete their transaction on their phone without the need to queue at the register.”

Eyears explained that providing customers with the right products and services relevant to their needs across physical and digital environments is crucial.

“For the customer the experience needs to be seamless, and for our store teams, digital touchpoints need to be simple for them to activate in store; and save them time they can use to add value to our customers.”

Will Glaser, CEO of Grabango, said they are excited to partner with 7-Eleven.

“Retailers like 7-Eleven are upgrading stores to provide checkout-free options as consumers demand the time savings it gives them.”

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