7-Eleven trials new Johnny’s Deli food concept

7-Eleven is trialling a new food on the go concept, Johnny’s Deli range, giving customers access to hot deli sandwiches to order.

The new range, which is heated to order, is being trialled in selected stores in Melbourne starting 6 July.

Emma Metcalf-King, Head of Food, 7-Eleven Australia, said the new range is just the start of the company’s latest phase of food evolution.

The Johnny’s Deli range is handmade from quality ingredients and has something for nearly everyone, with a choice of eight flavours, including vegetarian and red meat free options, which retail for between $9-$11.

“Our customers want a convenient range of delicious food choices available fast for every meal and any snack occasion across the day,” Metcalf-King said.

“With Johnny’s Deli, we’ve created a bespoke range of hot sandwiches that are heated on demand in specialist ovens to ensure customers can enjoy a delicious hot sandwich, with gooey melted cheese and toasty bread that’s hot in about 90 seconds.

“The range includes delicious versions of classic flavours you’d expect to buy at your local café or sandwich shop, like a Schnitty, Tuna Melt, or Reuben, with a few unexpected flavours like Mac n’ Cheese or Meatball deli sandwich.

“Our products look and taste delicious, have amazing textures and will provide our customers with a convenient, quick and great value option for an on-the-go meal.”

Metcalf-King says 7-Eleven’s team of in-house chefs and food scientists, created the base recipes and flavour profiles for the Johnny’s Deli range in their kitchens at home during COVID lockdowns.  

“From there, extensive sensory testing was undertaken; our supplier partners were tasked with sourcing quality ingredients at scale, the process of building the sandwiches to ensure they could be created consistently and efficiently as part of our handmade sandwich assembly line was perfected, and testing to ensure the products were able to travel through our daily supply chain system was successfully completed.

“We’re proud to have invested in providing our customers with great quality and value choices for convenient food on the go in collaboration with our supplier partners for more than a decade. We are incredibly excited to see customers experience the latest stage in our food evolution, as we roll-out the trial of the Johnny’s Deli range to a number of stores across Victoria in 2022.”

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